Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why do I ?

Why do i fear a fight with you...
why don't i sleep till you do..
why do i lack interest in anything else..
why do i tell you that I reached once i get to work...
why do i msg you when I am in a meeting..
why do i tell you the smallest of smallest things...
why do i feel possessive about you..
why do i tell you dos and don'ts...
why do I hate to keep you waiting
why do I always want to be with you
why do I desire only for you
why do I have only you in my heart

Why am I so in love with U?
But love U more than words can say...


చైతన్య 5:19 AM, January 15, 2009  

that's lovely!!

after all... why do we love sumbody so deeply that it hurts!?

Saarika,  1:30 PM, January 16, 2009  

I think u r in love with someone so much.. :)

Anonymous,  8:41 AM, February 15, 2009  

Very beautiful Anveshi. But couldn't help to ask you to check this one:

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